Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you wear?   Concert black.
2. How much time do you need to set up?  We only need about 15 minutes to set up. We ask that armless chairs are provided.  We will bring music stands.
3.  When do you arrive to an event?  Atleast 30 minutes before our contracted playing start time.
4.  How much room do you require?  Depending on the ensemble, we require enough room for a chair and a music stand for each player with sufficient “elbow room” to perform comfortably.
5.   What if someone is sick or not able to play last minute?  I have a pool of great musicians I trust that I can call to sub.
6.  Okay, I’d like to hire you, what’s the next step?  Once you give me the necessary information for your event, I will mail you a contract which will need returned with a deposit of half the total amount owed to secure your date with us.  We can then discuss details and music selections at your convenience.
7.  My event is to take place outdoors.  Is weather a concern?  Yes.  Our instruments are delicate and worth thousands of dollars so we do need to take precautions of any weather conditions that may damage them.  Please have a back up plan for in case of inclement weather conditions including extreme hot and cold temperatures.  It is best for our instruments to be between 65-85 degrees.